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⪤ջ (Tom Yam Noodle)

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ٵú⪤ջ (Tom Yam Noodle)
ǹ ⪤ջ (Tom Yam Noodle)

ǡ ءǹԴ˹ 180
ǧ͡ǡء 100
Ѻǡء 100
ٵ蹺ҧ 100
١鹻͡蹺ҧ 80
١鹻ѡ 80
١鹡 80
ѡ 蹩´ѹ 50
ѡҴ 50
ҡѡ 2-3 ҡ
ԡ 8-10
д١ 100


ʧǻҺ 100
ӵ 100
ª 1 ͹
ԡ 1 ͹
駩 1 ͹


180 g blanched and mix with crispy garlic in oil, egg noodle
100 g blanched bean sprout
100 g pre boiled minced pork
100 g pre boiled and thinly sliced, pork fillet
80 g sliced Hue Kuay fish ball
80 g Rugby fish ball
80 g Shrimp ball
50 g finely chopped together coriander, spring onion and Chinese celery
50 g lettuce
2-3 coriander roots
8-10 dried pepper corn
1 garlic bulb
100 g chicken bone / frame


100 g roasted and coarsely grounded peanut
100 g sugar
1 tbs. vinegar
1 tbs. chili flake
1 tbs. Chinese dried cabbage
Wedged lime

Preparation Time : ҡѵشԺ Cook Time : ҡûا Serving : ӹǹ
0.30ҷ 0.15ҷ 2
 4 § 3 ҧä 3
Ѵҹ§ ҧä


1. ӹӫػ¡õ駹سͧ͹ش ҡѡ ԡ д١ ͨʹش ͹ͧ͡ҧ ǵ任ҳ 45 ҷ

Making chicken broth by fill the deep base pot with room temperature water add coriander roots, pepper corn, a bulb of garlic and chicken bone, simmer over the lowest heat for an hour. Remove the scum.

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2. ͧӫػ 信ҧ ١鹡 ١鹻ŧ ͨʹ ͹ش

Strain the soup thru the sieve. Replace the soup pot to the cook top over medium heat. Add Rugby fish ball and shrimp ball. When the soup is boiled, turn the heat to the lowest and leave the pot on the cook top.

Recipe 412555154137.jpgRecipe 412555154152.jpg

3. ӵ ԡ ª ŧҧ Ѻ ʧǻҺ ǵѡӫػѺ١鹻 ١鹡ŧ Ѿդҡѹ ѡ

Add sugar, chili flake and vinegar to the mixing bowl, followed by pre cooked minced pork, coarsely grounded roasted peanut and fills the mixing bowl with the prepared broth and Rugby fish balls and shrimp balls. Mix well with the ladle.

Recipe 412555154256.jpgRecipe 412555154319.jpgRecipe 412555154334.jpg

4. ѴѡҴ ǧ͡ǡ ҧٵ ١鹻͡ Ҵ¹ӵӷ µ ѡ 蹩ѹ

Arrange the serving bowl with lettuce and blanched bean sprout. Add boiled and sliced pork fillet and Hue Kauy fish ball. Gently pour the prepared Tom Yam soup and sprinkle with finely chopped together coriander, spring onion and Chinese celery.

Recipe 412555154533.jpgRecipe 412555154551.jpgRecipe 412555154608.jpg


Ready to seve.

Recipe 412555154747.jpgRecipe 412555154802.jpgRecipe 412555154824.jpg

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